Alexander McLeod Primary School

Design and Technology

Design and Technology is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject.  We believe in using our creativity and imagination to make products that solve real and relevant problems.  We draw on knowledge from other areas of the curriculum including: science, maths, computing and art to support us with our designs and creations.

As designers at Alexander McLeod, we learn to take risks, be resourceful, be our own critiques and continuously adapt our thought processes.  Through our enquiry-based learning, we continually question ourselves to inform our planning.  We ensure we have clearly researched our ideas and tested and tried different techniques, before designing and creating a finished product to a high standard.

Our rich DT curriculum gives the children essential, practical skills they will need both in school and throughout their adult lives.  They are given a solid understanding of nutrition and use this to design, prepare and cook healthy food.  They are taught how to build structures and mechanisms whilst using a range of tools and will become confident in using textiles and sewing, as well as gaining a good understanding of electrical systems.

Children will become confident in using textiles and sewing, as well as gaining a good understanding of electrical systems.

 Design & Technology policy


Meet the Design Technology Lead

I am Mrs Barker and I have been the Design Technology leader at our school since September 2022.  I have previously lead other subjects and taught in all year groups.

My love of this subject started at a very young age, where I would help my dad with endless DIY projects.  I was always encouraged, by my father, to learn how to use tools, think logically and adjust plans if a problem occurred.  These are essential parts of Design and Technology.

My aim is to encourage the children of Alexander McLeod to develop a love of DT.  By using their knowledge and understanding of what they have been taught and discovered, our teachers will encourage them to create designs to be proud of.  I want them to realise that things don’t always go according to plan and we will teach them to become confident in continuous evaluation and adaptation.  By developing resilient, aspiring, self-confident and independent engineers, I believe DT supports and strengthens many of our school values.