Diversity Week

During the week commencing 11th February 2019 we celebrated Diversity Week.  During this week the children participated in a range of activities that celebrated the cultural diversity that we have within our school.

We started the week with a splendid performance by two musicians who played steel pans.  They told us about the heritage of steel pans and how they are made. 

In preparation for our exhibition, each class was assigned a country and produced some artwork that represented it. 

Our school value ‘Friendship’ was explored by all classes.  The children discussed what friendship means to them and every child recorded a message on a hand to show this. These were joined together to form a circle of friendship and were displayed around the hall for our school community to read.   

Some learnt to play traditional games, others learnt to speak a few words in different languages.

On the final day the children and teachers were invited to attend school wearing clothing that represented a culture.  It was wonderful to see so many children wearing traditional dress from countries around the world and how interested and respectful the children were of each other.  Everyone enjoyed the parades; some parents attended all three and even younger siblings joined in! 

After school had finished there were further celebrations in the hall.  Each year group displayed their art outcomes for others to appreciate. 


Members of the school community attended.  Some contributed food from their cultures for others to taste, other brought objects and displayed information about them.  

Some of our children volunteered to provide the background music for our event. 

It was such a wonderful experience and a great time was had by all!