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The teachers in Reception are:


Apple - Miss Moore       Plum - Mrs Cole         Cherry - Miss Cole

Summer 2


 Medium Term Plan

Welcome to Reception! 

Here you can see what Reception have in store as the year goes by, keep up-to-date with key dates for your diary and also access important documents such as our Medium Term Plans, letters, homework and other announcements.

First let’s meet the team!

  • Plum’s class teacher is Mrs Cole and she is the current EYFS Leader
  • Cherry’s class teacher is Miss Cole and Mrs Richards who are both an experienced Early Years Teacher
  • Apple’s class teacher is Ms Moore who leads Design and Technology across the school
  • Supporting the children and teachers are Miss Johnson, Mrs Jas, Mrs Wing and Miss Youngs.

Our Learning

Reception is a very important year for our children as it marks the beginning of their learning journey in a school setting. We base our learning upon the guidance of Development Matters and use White Rose and LCP to support our Maths and Phonics teaching. We believe that by using these tools available to us, our children will receive a high quality of learning and make excellent progress throughout their Reception year.

We will deliver our learning through an exciting range of topics to engage and enthuse the children throughout the year. Our first topic, ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ explores both fiction and nonfiction texts and includes Michael Rosen’s classic children’s favourite ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’ We will take a walk in the woods and hunt for bears and learn about the habitats of different types of bears and what they like to eat.

We will also look at ‘People and Places’ and ‘How do you Get around?’ both topics look at the world around us and will explore important people including ourselves, our families and important figures now and in the past. Here we will also look at how transport has changed over time and do some field work in our local area.

In our ‘How Does Your Garden Grow’ topic we look at the role that insects and animals play on growth and where our food comes from. We will take a trip to a farm and observe the growth of fruit and vegetables in our school garden.

We will end the year with an exciting trip to the beach having read the story ‘Billy’s Bucket’ and used our imagination to recreate our own version of the story. We will also dive into the wonderful world of the sea looking at some non-fiction texts and engaging video clips to learn about lots of different sea creatures.

Throughout the year the children will be exposed to a language rich curriculum in which they will be read a number of high quality texts and will get the opportunity to learn about rhyme, story structure, characters and role play- thus developing a love of reading.

We aim to ensure that children develop a deep understanding of mathematics and learn the importance of Maths in the real world. In order to ensure this we set up Maths activities involving lots of real objects and items that children are familiar with. We begin our Maths learning journey by recognising and representing familiar numbers before delving deeper into what a number is by investigating quantity and comparing different amounts. Once children have a secure understanding of quantity we introduce addition and subtraction using objects and jottings to represent number equations.

Characteristics of Learning

Running through all that we teach in Reception, we encourage the children to be active learners who are engaged, critical thinkers. We promote this throughout our indoor and outdoor provision using challenges and questioning that provokes imaginative and explorative learning. Our classrooms display these principles so that children are aware of them and can move their picture onto the animals that represent these characteristics of learning. This also encourages children to aspire to achieve more and celebrate their achievements together.


This is an exciting programme used to record the learning journey of our pupils. Here you can access pictures of the learning your child is engaged in at school. Each observation is linked to the areas of learning from the EYFS curriculum so you are able to see how your child is progressing throughout the year. You can access this at home by making sure we have your up to date email address.


Throughout the year, trips in Reception are used to support learning, engage children in new topics and spark their natural curiosity. Pupils naturally learn (and remember) a lot from first hand experiences, with trips also contributing to their personal and social development, such as their understanding of risk management and teaching them valuable life skills. By supporting children in identifying risks on trips, they are then able to better manage their own safety.

End of year assessments

All Reception children will receive an end of year profile in which they will receive an ‘emerging, expected or exceeding’ judgement at the end of the year. This is based on the age-related expectations as set out in Development Matters.

Celebration of achievements

We regularly celebrate achievements at Alexander McLeod. Children may receive a ‘Good things noticed’ award by their Leader of Learning or the Head teacher for personal achievements they have made and as the year progresses they may receive a ‘star of the week’ award for consistently representing our school values and setting themselves high expectations in the learning and being great role models for the children of our school.

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