Gardening Club

Throughout the week there is a whole school gardening timetable where classes have the opportunity to work in the gardening area. This allows the children to gain experience of food growing from planting seeds to the cultivation of the plants and caring for the produce they grow whilst learning how and where food comes from. Children are encouraged to work in small groups developing their team building and social skills. This experience gives the children a chance to put their maths, English and science skills to good use by linking their learning in the classroom to the real life experiences in the garden.

In addition, we run a lunchtime gardening club where children can just turn up, put on their gloves and get stuck in!


Garden club mission statement

The aims of the club are:

  • For the children to enjoy lots of hands-on experience of growing.

We’re growing fruit, vegetables and flowers and will be finding out

from the children what they would like to grow.

  • To make the garden is as eco-friendly as possible, reducing, recycling and reusing as much as we can, and trying to encourage lots of wildlife into the garden. We’re using peat-free compost and looking for organic ways to garden.
  • To create a beautiful spot in our gardening area of the school, which offers plenty that tastes, smells, feels, sounds and looks great
  • To sell some of the produce that is grown by the children to raise funds for our school with kind support from parent’s volunteers and the community.


Our resident Guinea pigs, ‘Marty, Snowy, Minnie and Hedgy’ and rabbits, ‘Alex and Cloudy’ offer the children a chance to learn how to look after pets from feeding, handling and cleaning to building confidence and social skills in our nurture provision.

The Guinea Pigs and Rabbits teach our children the importance of being responsible when handling and keeping pets and ensure that life-long lessons are taught so that children can become responsible pet owners themselves.