McLeod Moments

At Alexander McLeod Primary School we strive to ensure that our children have opportunities that extend beyond the classroom. 

We want to ensure that all pupils have the chance to participate in experiences and events that will enrich their learning.


Working alongside our Junior Governor Team, we created a mind map of opportunities we would like to experience during our time at Alexander McLeod Primary School. We then shared the suggested ‘moments’ with the staff who contributed their ideas to the list.


The aim of ‘McLeod Moments’ is to ensure that all our children are exposed to high quality cultural experiences and activities that will contribute to creating independent, kind and reflective citizens. In every class, we have a display of McLeod moments that are added throughout the year; children enjoy reflecting on the vast range of experiences.

Here are some examples of our McLeod moments

McLeod Moments:

  • To visit a university
  • To hear live music
  • To grow and cook my own food
  • To learn an instrument
  • To go on a theatre trip
  • To begin to explore my career options
  • To take part in a debate
  • To compete in a sporting event
  • To visit an art gallery
  • To raise money for a charity.
  • To visit different places of worship
  • To have a positive impact on my local community.
  • See a live sporting event