Alexander McLeod Primary School

Medicine in School


Following advice from Greenwich Health Services we are changing some of our procedures.

This is being implemented to ensure the safety of your children and to allow my staff to carry out very clear directions to parents.

  • Only medicine prescribed by a Doctor will be given by school staff.
  • No medicine will be given to children unless the new authorisation sheet is completed by the parents (Forms in the office)
  • This will be counter signed by the Head or Deputy prior to agreement.
  • All medicine must be in the original container and packaging. It should also have the chemists label attached which give instructions regarding dosage.
  • If children require medicine 3 times a day it should be sufficient to give this at home, before school, directly after school and at bed time.
  • If a child requires medicine 4 times a day then we may be able to give one of these doses at lunch time.
  • Children who are required to take regular medicine will have a ‘Care Plan’ and this will be written up after consultation with Royal Greenwich Health Service- via the School Nurse.
  • Asthma pumps and Epipens are kept in school and only administered when necessary. It is your responsibility to ensure all pumps and Epipens are kept up to date.
  • All information, including who administers the medicine, when and amount given will be recorded on the one sheet of paper.