Alexander McLeod Primary School


Music is a very important and popular part of our culture. There is something for everyone to enjoy in music – whether it’s listening to it, performing it vocally or learning to play a musical instrument. Research has shown that pupils who have early musical training will develop the areas of the brain associated with language and reasoning, ensuring many lifelong advantages in learning and communication.

All year groups plan and teach music using the online tool Charanga, which ensures a progression in musical knowledge and skills from Reception to Year 6. Children listen to and appraise famous pieces of music before learning to sing and play famous songs on the glockenspiels and keyboards in our amazing state-of-the-art Music Room! 

At Alexander McLeod, we ensure that music is central to our school life and embedded in our learning.  Each week, every child in our school attends a singing assembly with the rest of their Key Stage. This gives all of us the opportunity to come together as a group and learn how to sing a wide range of songs appropriate for children, whilst enjoying ourselves together too!


In addition to our weekly singing assemblies, we are also fortunate to have some specialist tutors in school every Friday. These tutors lead sessions with children of various ages across the school.  Our ‘First Access’ program begins in Year 4, where every child is introduced to the djembe and keyboard.  Our children have the opportunity to play both these instrument and learn how to read musical notes. Children who show a particular passion and ability in Year 4 are then invited to attend smaller progression groups in Years 5 and 6, where they have the opportunity to develop and refine their skills on the djembe or keyboard. Our young musicians make us proud whenever they perform, but particular highlights have been at Woolwich Polytechnic School’s Winter Concert and the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s Instrumental Gala at Blackheath Halls.

At Alexander McLeod, we have a fantastic KS2 choir that commit their time and effort on a weekly basis to practise together. Aside from the seasonal performances at Easter and Christmas, our fantastic choir has also performed at a wide range of events and venues in the community, including a local care home. A particular highlight for our choir is their annual attendance of ‘Young Voices’ in which they get to perform to and audience of 15000 at London’s 02 arena.

Part of the musical legacy at our school is our summer music festival: ‘A FEST’. Each year, we love to come together as a school to watch a professional band perform, as well as learning more about the musical world and the influence of music today and throughout history.


Meet the lead

I have been leading music at Alexander McLeod since 2019.I am incredibly passionate about music and ensuring that every year group has access to quality lessons throughout their primary education. Introducing music to children from a young age is incredibly beneficial to their development. It inspires creativity, improves memory, aides hand eye communication and teaches discipline. Music can be taught alongside all other subjects, allowing cross curricular activities to be a huge success. I have personally been inspired by music from a very young age, it allows the biggest of introverts to find a voice and builds self confidence within individuals.

 Enabling our children to have access to music throughout their time here at Alexander McLeod, will not only teach our children new skills. It will also shape them as a person, allowing them to express themselves in a way they feel comfortable.