Physical Education

Physical Education at Alexander McLeod endorses striving toward excellence and embracing challenge, whilst maintaining high levels of aspiration and valuing continuous self-improvement. 

The school provides the pupils with opportunities to develop their physical fitness, confidence and literacy through a multi-faceted programme of learning and extra-curricular activities.

The core curriculum delves into games (invasion, net/wall, and striking/fielding) dance, gymnastics and swimming. In PE, children build their knowledge and skills set in a range of contexts. They are physically active for sustained periods of time whilst participating in competitive sports and activities. Children also learn about the importance of leading healthy and active lives.  Learning in the curriculum explores 6 strands of physical literacy: applying physical skills, personal skills, social skills, cognitive development, creativity and health & fitness.

Foundation Stage places emphasis on gross motor skill development; particularly controlled movement and balance – a gateway to accessibility in all sport.

In Key Stage 1, children need to develop their fundamental movement skills, and are coached in this light, advancing their agility, balance and coordination. Development of fundament movement includes running technique, jumping, throwing & catching, and applying these skills to contexts such as team games. They also perform dances using simple patterns of movement.

Key Stage 2 pupils continue to develop and specialise in a broader range of skills, learning how to use them in different ways and apply to basic principles of attacking and defending. They learn to evaluate their own and others’ performances, identifying ways to improve.

All children at Alexander McLeod participate and/or compete in sport and other activities to build character and help to embed the school’s core values.

Curricular and extra-curricular activities include: cricket; football; basketball; athletics; tennis; hockey; netball; rounders; tag rugby; tennis and swimming. Alexander McLeod also strives to provide children with extra-curricular opportunities in less commonly available sports such as (but not limited to) archery, street dance, karate, Taek-Won-Do, and tri-golf).

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