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Our PSHE teaching is embedded in our children’s everyday school life through our eleven school values. Our values are respect, responsibility, effort, equality, aspiration, self-confidence, friendship, independence, co-operation, honesty and perseverance. Children are given the opportunity to consider how our school values also promote British values. Our children are regularly reminded of our values and use them to motivate themselves to be the best they can be. Educational visits, guest speakers and drama workshops are also an important part of PSHE at Alexander McLeod.

Our Learning

We are excited to introduce our new PSHE Journey to KS1 and 2. Children will complete their PSHE and RSE learning in one exercise book throughout KS1 and one hardback exercise book throughout KS2. In this book, children will be able to reflect on their own personal journey throughout primary school and celebrate their achievements over the years.
Our learning in each year group follows and personalised curriculum, based on the objectives from the PSHE association. As well as being embedded in day to day learning, discrete PSHE and Relationships and Sex education (RSE) lessons are taught in each class. This ensures full coverage of the three PSHE strands: Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World. Through these lessons, children develop key life skills including how to stay safe and healthy, tackle social challenges, develop their self-esteem, resilience and empathy and raise their aspirations.

Special Events

Anti-Bullying Week:

Each year we take part in Anti-bullying week, which is an annual event in the UK on the third week of November. This week helps to raise awareness in children and young adults, about bullying in school, online and anywhere else. It focusses on how to prevent bullying and stand up to bullies. During this week, we spend some time celebrating anti-bullying week and taking part in a variety of activities linked to this.

Previously, we have taken part in anti-bullying workshops from outside companies, visited Picture House Cinemas and watched films about bullying and had visits from the NSPCC.

Mental Health Awareness Week:

We always plan to encourage children (and adults) to consider how they have grown, and how they can help others to grow. It is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the importance of children and young people’s mental health.

PSHE Policy 2022-2023

Meet the PSHE Leader

I am Mr Aikulola and I have been the PSHE leader at our school since September 2021. I have taught in Key Stage Two throughout my career.

A large part of deciding to become a teacher was for me to be able to help even one child gain the knowledge, skills and qualities they'll need to deal with the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities they'll face as they grow up.

I understand the importance of exposing the children to a range of topics and areas they would encounter in everyday life. From culture to race to their emotional well-being, our aim is to ensure every child takes something away from PSHE.

If you have any ideas, questions or queries about the PSHE in our school. You can find me at home time on the KS2 playground daily!