At Alexander McLeod, our PSHE teaching is embedded in our children’s everyday school life through our eleven school values. Our values are respect, responsibility, effort, equality, aspiration, self-confidence, friendship, independence, co-operation, honesty and perseverance. Children are given the opportunity to consider how our school values also promote British values.

Our mental health is important to us at Alexander McLeod. Since September 2018, all of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 have been practising mindfulness on a regular basis. Mindfulness allows the children to take a moment to clear their minds and feel the weight of daily life lift away from them. As well as this, each week, all classes participate in circle time helping us to adopt a positive mindset which builds self-esteem and productivity. 

Furthermore, at Alexander McLeod, we pride ourselves on our diversity. Teachers and leaders in our school encourage us all to celebrate our differences and respect each other.

As well as being embedded in day to day learning, discrete PSHE lessons are taught in each class to ensure full coverage of the PSHE curriculum. In September 2017 we introduced a new curriculum personalised to each year group, based on the objectives from the PSHE association. Through these lessons, children develop key life skills including how to stay safe and healthy, tackle barriers that come their way, develop their self-esteem, resilience and empathy and raise their own aspirations. Additionally, we introduced our new HRE (health and relationships education) curriculum, based on the Christopher Winter Project – Teaching SRE with Confidence in Primary Schools. This will help to prepare our children for September 2020 where HRE will be made a statutory subject.

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