Parent Fit Club

At Alexander McLeod, we have been working very hard on initiatives to raise the physical and mental wellbeing of the children at Alexander McLeod.  This has involved twice weekly PE sessions taught by qualified sports coaches, the daily mile and promoting healthier options of packed lunches. 


In order to continue on our journey, we offer parents/carers the opportunity to join a 6-week Get Fit programme! The sessions are run by a fully qualified Professional Trainer who has years of experience supporting people with improving their physical fitness levels and their mental wellbeing. The sessions are designed for all levels of fitness from beginners onwards, keeping you engaged with like-minded people who are also striving to achieve a common goal and will involve all five components of fitness including cardio, strength, flexibility, muscle endurance and balance. The group targets these components in various ways such as circuit training, boxing, HIIT, resistance work and also involving games to make your workouts fun.

The sessions are held on Monday and Friday’s beginning at 9am and are in the school hall or grounds (weather permitting) lasting for a maximum of one hour.  The fee for attending each session is only £1.00!

If you are interested in attending the Get Fit programme please speak to the main school office who will provide you with further information.