Reading at Alexander McLeod




At Alexander McLeod Primary School, we strongly believe reading is the key to unlocking the curriculum. When a child leaves our school, we want them to be equipped with the skills to access all forms of literature and a longing to find themselves lost in the pages of a book. It is an area of learning that our leaders and teachers are passionate about and ensure that a pleasure for reading is nurtured throughout each pupils' time with us. In order to do this we offer a range of opportunities such as:

- In KS2, our resident author and teacher Mr Dickinson, creates stories that are led by the children. Each week a new chapter is shared, and the children can see how small , simple ideas can form deep, engaging stories. We are currently still having these assemblies however they are pre-recorded and ideas are shared with Mr Dickinson via post it notes.

You can find some of Mr Dickinson's previous stories on Amazon by following the link below.


Reading Schemes 

In EYFS and KS1, we use the Big Cat Collins fully decodable reading books to support our children in developing their earliest decoding skills. These books link directly with the Letter and Sound sequence that we use to deliver phonics.

EYFS and KS1 children will read with their teacher on a 1:1 basis at least once a week. This time will be spent focusing on the decoding and blending aspect of reading initially and the teacher will incorporate a range of skills to support your child to understand the books as a whole. This may be using the pictures to decode larger words, for example seeing a picture of an elephant and using this to understand that the words say elephant. The children will also take part in a whole class Story Session where they will study a book and orally develop comprehension skills.

KS2 children will take part in class reading sessions where teachers will support reading skills collectively and ensure needs are also met individually. This is done through differentiated support and questioning. 


Story Time

Story time is an essential part of school life. It is during this time that we can nurture a love of reading and create meaningful experiences and discussions together. We aim to deliver these sessions daily for a minimum of 15 minutes.


Reading Expectations 

Children should:

Adults should:

Reception and Key Stage One:

Children should read with a parent or carer every day at home. This should be recorded in their Reading Diary, which should be checked weekly by an adult in school. The books that children take home are chosen to support their level of development and to support their


Key Stage Two: 
Children should read independently every day at home, and with a parent or carer at least twice a week. This should be recorded in their Reading Diary, which will be checked regularly by adult in school. Children are taught how to select appropriate texts for their level of understanding, and this is monitored by adults in school.