Alexander McLeod Primary School


Science at Alexander McLeod is an essential part of pupils’ learning which equips the children with the knowledge and skills they need to understand the world around them. Science at our school enables the children to explore the National Curriculum through scientific enquiries, practical investigations and exciting school trips.

Enquiry Based Learning Approach to Science

We follow the enquiry based learning model which allows the children to take ownership of their learning. Enquiry based learning is a language rich strategy that helps to develop key scientific skills of asking questions, making predictions, setting up tests, observing and measuring, recording, interpreting and communicating data and evaluating findings.

Our hands on approach to science means that every child has the opportunity to become a scientist in their own classroom.

Science Policy

Useful links

KS1 BBC Bitesize

KS2 BBC Bitesize

STEM challenges

Science investigations at Home

 Places to Visit

Science museum

Natural History Museum

Lesnes Abbey Fossil pit

Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Grant Museum of Zoology

Horniman Museum

Hunterian Museum

Local wetlands centres

City Farms

Crossness pumping station

Chelsea Physic Garden

Kew Gardens

Barbican Conservatory


Meet the lead

I’m Miss Lucas and I lead Science at Alexander McLeod Primary school. I have always loved how Science inspires those big questions about the world we live in and the universe beyond. I have a passion for nature and horticulture and could not be happier when surrounded by animals and plants. No matter what your favourite subject may be, I believe Science is for everyone; it can be creative, mathematical, active, practical and abstract. I am committed to ensuring that our children have a range of exciting opportunities that foster a love of Science and opens up the many doors that Science provides.