The Active Learners Hub


Every child needs to leave our school being numerate, literate, reflective and enabled to make positive decisions about their own lives. They need to be emotionally literate and able to regulate their own behaviour. Most children in the Hub will have encountered Adverse Childhood Experience. Adverse Childhood Experiences are experiences that impact on a child’s development.  Examples of Adverse Childhood Experiences are verbal abuse, physical abuse, parental separation, domestic violence, mental illness, alcohol abuse, drug use, and incarceration. We understand that for children exposed to adverse childhood experiences, the ability to self-regulate may need to be taught.

The Hub is designed to create a therapeutic learning environment which focuses on building self-confidence and resilience that encourages our children to try.

The provision supports children who have significant gaps in their learning as a result of lack of classroom engagement. A high-quality curriculum has been carefully constructed and designed to engage and motivate learners within the provision.  Children in the Hub benefit from more personalised support and focused, quality teaching to ensure that they make better than expected progress.



Staff in the Hub work together to help each child to catch-up with their learning. They ensure that they are clear about all the child’s learning gaps and aim to ensure that their emotional and social needs are also addressed. Staff deliver an academically rigorous curriculum that enables each pupil to make better than expected progress, bridge gaps and keep up with new learning. We develop routines and consistency to support their anxiety.


 The Active Learners Hub Policy