Alexander McLeod Primary School

The Hub

Every child needs to leave our school being numerate, literate, reflective and enabled to make positive decisions about their own lives. They need to be emotionally literate and able to regulate their own behaviour. The  Hub is another specialist provision in our school designed to create a bespoke learning environment which focuses on enabling children with executive functioning difficulties and/or social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH) to thrive and make progress.  The Hub supports children who have gaps in their learning as a result of difficulties with regulating their emotions, behaviour and/or maintaining concentration and focus during lessons. Staff in the Hub work together with the children to help them address gaps in their learning and also aim to ensure that their emotional and social needs are also met through the use of targeted interventions and more personalised support.   

It is recognised that the children attending our Hub provision have needs that could be potentially met by understanding their development, behaviours and methods of communicating their needs and emotions, particularly when in a heightened state. 

In Hub, we aim to ensure that:

1. The classroom offers a safe base, supporting the development of the children's relationship with each other and with the staff.  Structured and predictable routines are present.  All adults are reliable and consistent in their approach to the children.

2. Children's learning is understood developmentally.  The response to the individual child is ‘as they are', is underpinned by a non-judgemental and accepting attitude.

3. Adults provide development of self-esteem through listening and responding appropriately to the children.  In reciprocal shared activities, the children have the opportunity to share emotions, events and thoughts and vocalise how they feel.  Vocabulary is learned and appropriate responses are modelled.  Adults notice and praise small achievements.  Circle times are held, physical movement breaks provided and games are played to help develop social and emotional skills


The Hub is designed to create a therapeutic learning environment which focuses on building self-confidence and resilience that encourages our children to try. 

Staff in The Hub work together to help each child to catch-up with their learning. They ensure that they are clear about all the child’s learning gaps and aim to ensure that their emotional and social needs are also addressed. Staff deliver an academically rigorous curriculum that enables each pupil to make better than expected progress, bridge gaps and keep up with new learning. We develop routines and consistency to support their anxiety.


The Hub Policy