Alexander McLeod Primary School

Year 3 

Here you will read about some of the amazing learning opportunities our year 3 children will encounter this year. You can also use this page to keep up to date with any key events, diary dates and important documents such as long-term plans, letters sent home, homework set and any other announcements. Our year 3 team are extremely experienced and passionate about educating children and have high expectations in every aspect of school life.

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  • Miss Dadzie,
    Year 3 Teacher
  • Ms Vigille
    Year 3 Teacher & RE Lead
  • Ms Ugiagbe
    Year 3 Teacher

Our learning

Year 3 is an incredibly exciting time as the children begin their first year in a new Key Stage. Our focus this year will be to teach the Year 3 curriculum in order to ensure that children are working at the expected standard for their age by the end of the 2022/23 academic year. However, we will also be revising some of the key learning within the Year 2 curriculum; this will ensure that any gaps within their knowledge concerning Year 2 expectations have been closed and that children are fully able to access the learning intended for a Year 3 child.

Over the course of the year, children in Year 3 will be exposed to a range of fantastic core texts during our English lessons, including: Little Frida, The Thames: A Very Popular History, Beedle the Bard, and Blackberry Blue. We use these amazing texts in order to expose children to written language of a high quality and as a stimulus for their own written outcomes.

In Year 3, we intend to create confident mathematicians who have a solid understanding of place value and are able to adopt a range of strategies when problem solving. By the end of Year 3, children will be familiar with formal written methods for all four operations of number and be able to fluently recall times tables 2s, 3s, 5s, 4s, 10s and 8s.

We will also be exploring a range of enquires throughout the year:

We will begin our year with the topic ‘Made in Mexico’. We will be learning about Frida Kahlo and her life as an artist; creating our own self-portraits in the style of her painting. We will also explore where she was born, using maps, atlases, globes and digital/computer mapping to locate Mexico and describe features studied.

In Autumn 2, we will be creating an information leaflet linked to our geography enquiry ‘If the Thames could talk…’ We will focus on the human and physical aspects of the Thames, develop our knowledge of grid references and name and locate countries and cities in the UK.

Paddington’s picnic will be the focus of our DT enquiry in Spring 1. Children will plan and create their own British afternoon tea party, using knowledge gained in Science about healthy foods and nutrition. 

Spring 2 and Summer 1 our learning will focus on our History enquiry ‘Baby Britain’. We will learn how Britain changed from the Stone Age to the Iron Age and how this influences our lives today. As part of this enquiry, we have the exciting opportunity to visit the Brunel Museum to take part in their Tribes and Tides workshop and explore how evidence of the Stone Age and the Iron Age can still be found right here in London!

Our final enquiry of the year will be ‘An Ancient Civilisation Celebration!’ We will begin our enquiry by asking ‘What were Ancient Egypt’s greatest achievements?’. The children will pose questions to investigate in order to make their very own mini-documentary to showcase their knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians and understand how the Nile played a pivotal part in its growth.


Year 3 are incredibly fortunate to receive music lessons once per week taught by specialists within the school. Each half term, children will have the opportunity to be take part in either piano or drum lessons.

Year 3 Long term curriculum map

Year 3 Newsletter - Summer Term 2Lower Key Stage 2 -Curriculum booklet